Month: September 2014

Moving into a Place Near the Campus

I am going to be out of the dorms this semester. It is fine with me. I did not hate the guy that I was rooming with, but he was a bit of a quirky guy and I never got used to staying in the same room with a random guy. It is not as though I want to share a room with any guy, I did not like doing it with my big brother when I was a kid. Me and three other guys are going to share this house, I’m looking for high speed internet in my area at this point, but obviously we are looking to be as economical as we are able to manage to be. It is going to be difficult for the four of us to manage this and we all know it. In fact they made me put up a deposit that I had to get from my Dad. He thought that they were smart to do it, but wanted to be sure that they were people that we could rely upon also.

In fact my Dad has told me this story about when he was in college. He went to share a place with a guy he thought was a real good guy, but that does not mean that you can count upon the guy to do his part of the deal. He was a real good guy who was broke and who was really bad at sticking to a budget. So he would have money to go out for pizza and beer with his girl, but when the end of the month came around he never had the money to pay for his share of the rent or his share of the electric bill. That obviously does not work for me.

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