I Love That My Child is Home and Learning with Me Now

When I told my husband that I was interested in home schooling our child, he didn’t raise an eyebrow at all. He told me that he knew that I was smart enough to handle it. I, on the other hand, worried about whether or not I would be good at it. I decided that I needed to do my research first. I found forums full of other moms who do it, and I learned there are home school kits and a wide variety of things that you can buy that will help you put together things so much more easily. The time that it would take to gather teaching materials is what had me worried, but after researching the situation, I learned that there are companies that put together all sorts of things for you so that it makes getting organized much easier.

I learned quite a bit from the other moms online. I ordered some things to get started with. I also emptied out our guest bedroom and made it into a little classroom. I needed my teaching area to be distraction free for my son’s sake and mine. I did leave a TV in the room so that I could show him educational videos. But I took out all toys or anything else that could be distracting from what we needed to focus on. I bought a nice table so that my son can sit down and spread out with all of his books and things. I also bought a separate table for me to sit at. There is now a blackboard and a whiteboard on the wall in the room, too.

My son is thrilled that I am teaching him at home. He was getting bullied at school and the teachers and principal really did not seem to care as much as I hoped they would. My son’s grades were suffering. I did not want him to fall behind, so this is why I made the decision to teach him at home. He is doing well with it.

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