It is a Tough Addiction to Break

I could only imagine how many faces I would see at an oxycodone detox in Florida. Florida, if you didn’t know, was ground central for the infamous pill mills that kicked off this country’s serious prescription opioid problem. I lived through the end stages of it, before the inevitable government crackdown, and now I am trying to beat my addiction so I do not end up dead or in prison like so many other people I have known over the years. In the old days you could find a number of doctors who would write scripts all day long.

Those days are gone now, but the problem remains. Opioid addiction is a killer and often leads to heroin addictions when the user can’t afford the pills anymore. I never graduated to heroin, but being hooked on oxycodone doesn’t mean it will be any easier to beat. I tried quitting on my own a few times and it was the worst feeling in the world. The withdrawals are painful in the extreme, and you can die from them if you try and stop cold turkey. After going through several attempts to quit followed by using again, I decided I wanted to quit for good.

That is why I looked into getting into a good detox. A good detox is one filled with caring individuals who have gone through the horrors of addiction themselves and know exactly what you are going through. They also know how serious quitting is and take care to make sure you are eased off the drugs in a way that minimizes harmful health consequences. I can’t say enough good things about the place I went and I am grateful that they not only saw me through the dark early days, but also provided me with tools to stay off of these evil pills.

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