Korean Pop Rock Band DAY6 Rock Out North America

The Korean band sold out The Town Hall in New York City, demonstrating that unrecorded music and K-pop artfulness can blend.

Shake, even the most popish shake, isn’t a specific backbone of South Korea’s music industry. While a modest bunch of acts have developed to unmistakable quality like CNBLUE, FTISLAND and even the last cycle of Wonder Girls, K-pop once in a while wanders towards band-arranged music. Be that as it may, Day6, a kid band from an indistinguishable name from prevalent acts like Wonder Girls, TWICE, 2PM and GOT7, is attempting to make a check for themselves in the Korean stimulation circle. Also, with a sold-out show in New York this week, they demonstrated they have what it brings to interface with an American group of onlookers.



Boyish charms and uptempo, regularly suggestive pop-shake pulled in around 1,400 Day6’s fans (called My Days) to the Manhattan setting The Town Hall on Tuesday night. Indeed, even before the show, the group was abounding with foresight, giving out standards and waving gleaming lightsticks to give a shout out to the band. At the point when the quintet turned out in front of an audience and started playing the main bars of “I Wait” – a solitary they discharged in January to commence their year-long EveryDay6 discharge venture – the primary floor gathering of people was on their feet chiming in, something they did all through the total of the show.

Playing out an assortment of EveryDay6 discharges, B-sides and more noticeable singles for the duration of the night, it was a cozy show amongst Day6 and their fans. “Day6 is about us and you,” Cali-raised Jae told the group at a certain point.

Advanced as a fanmeet, the just shy of two-hour demonstrate included an interlude between the execution sets that had the individuals share in an inquiry, answer session and play an assortment of diversions that helped the neighborhood group of onlookers become more acquainted with them a bit.



The bandmembers are somewhat more seasoned than their peers – Jae is the most established at 25 and drummer Dowoon is the most youthful at 22, while labelmates TWICE are between the ages of 18 and 22 – and it appeared through the five men’s not kidding approach towards their music amid this meet and welcome section. The individuals made references to their pre-K-pop university years and their choices to seek after music professionally, with Jae – known by numerous K-pop fans for his straight to the point state of mind towards the business on his Twitter account – uncovering that he swung to music as a vocation in the wake of being enlivened by YouTubers and Kollaboration, a performing expressions association committed to raising the nearness of Asian Americans in media.

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All the more happy minutes diminished the tone of the night, with Dowoon cleverly advising the group that he needed to be a creature whisperer and bassist Young K discussing how he put on weight and couldn’t fit into his dress in front of the show, all of which helped Day6’s New York stop feel more cozy than numerous stateside K-pop shows. With the individuals wearing business shirts over exemplary shake T-shirts, their disposition, and that of the night’s all in all, felt more likened to a secondary school band show than the exceedingly adapted sets common of Korean icon acts.




Be that as it may, as amicable and easygoing as Day6 may be, their playing is similarly as finely tuned as the move exhibitions of their partners, with the individuals moving between each track of the night with perfectly cheerful mentalities and cleaned developments. Cross section wistful tracks on the set rundown with more cheerful tunes – they finished the night with the merry team of “Move Dance” and “Unreservedly” – the band demonstrated at the Town Hall that they have what it takes to turn K-popular’s dynamism towards unrecorded music. What’s more, ideally there will be bounty a greater amount of that to come.

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