My In-Laws Put Me to the Test

My wife Jenny and I have been together for five years. Our relationship has not been perfect. We’ve had both good and bad times. We maintained our relationship by being there for each other. One of the problems that we encountered was the opinions of Jenny’s parents, mainly her father. In the past, there was some tension between her father and I for a long time. He offered me the responsibility of taking care of his fish. I researched “how to keep your betta fish healthy” on the Internet. I needed all the help I could get. My relationship was on the line.

I met Jenny when I was in my sophomore in college. She was a young, Korean woman. She told me that she was from Los Angeles. Jenny had a slight valley girl accent. I thought it was so cute. She had a very petite frame. Jenny’s hair was jet-black and very beautiful. I was completely smitten by her. We started dating for three years. She wanted me to meet her parents. Little did I know, it would be a hassle.

Jenny’s parents were very traditional. They always wanted their daughter to marry a doctor or a lawyer. I was a future businessman in the works, but her father was not impressed. I knew that I had to prove myself to be with Jenny.

Jenny’s father offered me a challenge. If could take care of his prized betta fish Jin for a week, I would be able to marry his daughter and he would pay for the wedding. I made sure I did everything right to take care of Jin. I made sure his water tank was clean and had fresh water. Jin’s diet required special fish pellets. I made sure I had the right brand. Her father was so pleased to find Jin alive and healthy. He gave me his daughter’s hand and marriage.

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