Power to Choose for Texas Electricity

I am about to move to a new apartment, and it is the first time that I’ve lived in an apartment by myself. It should be nice, and a nice change though. You always have to take your roommates into consideration when you do things and you live with other people. But living alone, you can do things more along the way you want. Anyway, this is the first time I will have all of the utilities in my name and I have been checking out power to choose Texas website to try to get an idea for what the electricity rates were like and which company would be my best bet for being able to get a low rate on the electricity.

I am going to have to stick by a tight budget for the first few months of my new lease, to make sure that I don’t have any trouble paying the rent or my other bills. Of course, I am going to put a bit of leeway into the budget, to help make sure I don’t screw it up by not paying attention to some of the money I spend. I have never been on a budget before, so I am not sure how I will adjust to it.

I hope that I won’t have trouble adjusting to it though, and I guess we will wait and see about that. I am going to call this one electricity company that I found some information on and try to see when the earliest date would be for them to come and turn on the electricity at my new place. Hopefully they can do it tomorrow, because that is when I plan to move into the apartment. But I can push back moving a day or two, if I have to.

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