Buying a Serger

Started Thinking About Buying a Serger

I have been thinking about buying a used serger that a friend of mine is going to get rid of. She does a lot of serious sewing and has to have the best machines that she can get. Of course a lot of the best machines are really advanced now.

This one is a Brother dz1234 and it is going to be a bit more capable than I really need right now, but I am thinking about taking on some rather complicated projects right now. I am already in possession of a pretty good computerized sewing machine, but it is not able to do the sort of overlocking stitch patterns that this machine can do rather easily.

It is hard to do anything without the correct sort of machine and I think that adding this serger will give me the capability to do just about any job, unless you are talking about something which is going to require one of those huge industrial sewing machine. Up until now I have really been working my way up into the more difficult tasks.

Live Webinars vs Recordings

I have only been sewing seriously for a couple of years, probably around three I think. So I have not been anxious to rush into getting the sort of expensive and complicated machines that some of my friends use. I have only started to feel as though I know what I am doing with my machine for a few months to tell the truth. It is pretty hard to really master the modern machines because they are capable of doing so many things. On the other hand it is definitely a lot easier to do all of those things with a computerized machine.

Without one of them it would take a whole lifetime to master all of that sort of difficult stitching.

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