TEKLA Structural Designer Helps Us Design an Ultra-Modern Structure with a Glass Roof

This was going to be the first concrete and steel building in our small town. I bought the land after the old bank building and hotel were torn down. They should have been made into historic structures, but the people wanted to redevelop the town area to attract new shops and businesses. My idea for a building I wanted to construct was planned using the TEKLA Structural Designer. It has a stone facade for the first 8 feet, then it is metal and glass. It is sort of the new growing out of the old. The top is a glass roof. We have nothing like that in the entire region.

The top floor is going to be a space where the public and those who work in the building can go to relax. It will be a natural space where you can eat lunch and enjoy the grass and trees anytime of year. With the overall plan to develop the town area, it is important to preserve some natural spaces in any way that we can. This building will be the first of its kind here. I got the idea from how architects build in Singapore. The island has limited land mass, and natural areas for public use are preserved in the very buildings that reach up into the sky. There are rooftop parks and infinity pools. It is amazing to see. It gets cold here, so we are putting our natural space under glass.

The engineering has to take into account everything from heating and cooling to being able to vent the air when we cut the grass inside and prevent the odors from reaching other parts of the building. Fresh cut grass smells nice, but some people sneeze and cough when exposed to it. Imagine cutting grass indoors! All of this had to be considered in our 3D modeling of the space and the HVAC system. Our architects are geniuses, and we cannot wait to start the building process.

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