The Best Place I’ve Ever Lived at

I am a pretty active person, so I wanted to make sure that the Parkville apartments for rent that I looked at had plenty of things for me to do there. I know some people probably are more interested in what the inside of the apartment looks like, but I am the opposite. I knew that I would not spend a lot of time in my apartment because I would just much rather be out doing something. I did not want to have to always leave the area to do things though, which is why I wanted to see what the community amenities were of the different complexes that I was looking at.

It was easy to discount a lot of them because there were just not enough things to do while there. I wanted something more than just a swimming pool, because I don’t always feel like swimming. I wanted to have different options, and that is why I knew that the Links at Parkville complex was the right one for me. As soon as I saw all of the community amenities, I knew it was perfect. I was even able to see some pictures of the different things that are offered there, which really sealed the deal for me.

Not only do they have a swimming pool, but there is also a really nice fitness center there. There is a volleyball court too, which I absolutely loved because I had not played volleyball in years even though I love the game. There is also a clubhouse so I knew I would be able to meet a lot of new friends there. It is close to the university too, which is where I work, so it really is the best place that I found for me. I moved in quickly, and it is the best place I have ever lived!

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