This Was Much More Than Just a Gift for My Wife

I had to get it for her. My wife never asks for anything. She is the one to give up things so you can have something. I have heard her say she did not want dessert because she knew the friends our children had invited to stay for dinner would go without if she ate some. She wears clothes until they are falling apart so the kids have nice things. When an opportunity presented itself to get her a restored stove and oven from the 1950s, I just had to get it even though I used quick cash loans to get the last few hundred dollars I needed.

My wife and I have decorated our house in a retro look. Part of our kitchen makeover was using restored appliances to give it a look from a different era. It suited our decorating style of old furniture and antiques. The big stove is one of those ones with multiple ovens and several burners. Perfect for our large family. It was preserved by a man who used to sell them back when he was young, and he had the finish restored to look pristine. I had almost all the money needed to buy it for her birthday, but I was short a few hundred dollars. The quick cash loans business let me be able to get the stove purchased and installed while she was at work.

She was so surprised when she got home. It was the last piece we needed for our kitchen. We knew the type we wanted and even had the space ready to go to receive it. A newer gas range was temporarily in the spot of the one we were looking for. When I found it online I just had to get it. We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, we are remodeling our home, but we are doing all of the work and purchasing things one at a time as we go along. Our budget for the stove was to save for the next six months to get it. I just could not pass this deal up though.

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