We Love Our New Allegiance Cable Account Here in Our Rural Town

We live in a small, rural town. It is quiet, the people are very friend and caring, and our surroundings are beautiful. I often spend the weekends planting or harvesting food from our very large vegetable garden and tending to our goats and chickens. My husband likes to fish and watch sports games on the weekends. But our children pooled their money together and surprised us with a computer. This meant we needed Internet service, and we set out to find out what type of service we could get through Allegiance cable locally.

Let me just say that my husband and I have been retired for many years, and we know very little about using computers before receiving one as a gift. Friends had previously been using dial-up service for their computers in our small town, but if we were to get service, we wanted the fast speeds we had read about in articles! Our kids came over to teach us all that they could on our new computer. After lots of laughs and a little confusion here and there, we are pretty comfortable with it now.

Our son called Allegiance to get us set up with new service. We get our cable and Internet service through them now. We shoot around on the Internet at high speed! I find recipes online and email our kids whenever I want to. My husband now loves to read about hunting and fishing on many websites. I love to listen to country music through one of the country channels we get through cable. My husband has figured out that there are many fishing shows on cable as well. There is also a channel that we jokingly refer to as the “tractor channel,” that is 24-hour per day info about farm and ranch life. We never really realized just how much we would enjoy all these new channels and the Internet, but they suit our quiet country life just fine.

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