Working in the Road Crew for a Band

Working in the Road Crew for a Band

I was not really sure that this is going to be Road Crew with a sound financial idea, but I figured that it would be a lot of fun and I am hoping that I will be able to learn how the music business works. I am just helping out and doing what needs to be done.

I try to hustle up work for the band, but I do not make the final call on that. We are talking about whether or not to buy soundcloud re posts in order to try to promote on the web. If you think about it there are all sorts of arenas where you are in competition for the listening public and their disposable income.

Crew band Jobs

The internet is one of them, it is the biggest one since it encompasses the entire world. It is not really the most important one for most bands, because the big thing for any band is to be able to fill up whatever venue you are playing on a given night.

Diverse Possibilities to Play judi online Nowadays

Very few bands are like the Rolling Stones or U2 where you sign a record deal and you make a big pile of money on it. Most of the time you end up making a record and then at the end of the day the record company sticks you with a bill for making the record. It might end up costing you ten thousand dollars to make a record.

Of course the record company never tells you that you might lose money on the deal. They are going to make it sound like a bed of roses and if you are not careful your manager will make money and sell you out on the deal. The way to make money is to perform live in front of a full capacity audience.

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